How I Work With Clients

With any creative project, it’s quite likely the client will require several revisions before they’re happy with the job.

While I always strive (and often do) get it right first time, I realise clients like to have different options to try with the finished project. I am often able to provide additional reads or alternative takes at no extra cost. For longer, complex jobs I’ll provide a custom quote and transparent up-front pricing should you require re-takes.

You are also welcome to listen live to the recording session, so you can hear exactly what I am doing and provide guidance in real-time.

Get in touch today or listen to my showreel.

National Grid Podcast

I produce and provide voiceovers for the National Grid ‘Grid Guide’ podcast series.

The first episode deals with inclusion and diversity and you can listen to it here.

I worked with the team at National Grid to record the round table discussion, I edited the recording, scripted, added music and recorded the introductory voiceover.

Podcast Production For SGN

I produce and present the ‘Heat Without Carbon’ podcast for energy provider SGN.

The series began in summer 2020 and publishes quarterly.

In it, we explore the transition towards a green energy future. I interview the contributors, record voiceover links for each section and edit the podcast.

You can listen to it here and on all major podcast providers.