July 31, 2021


Colin Kelly's Digital Minute

You can hear Colin Kelly’s Digital Minute on the following radio stations:

Paisley FM – 107.5FM and DAB throughout Paisley, Renfrew, Johnstone and surrounding parts of Renfrewshire. Approx 11.30am weekdays
K107FM – Kirkcaldy’s Community Radio, Fife at 8am weekdays
Victory Online – local radio for Portsmouth and beyond, 1pm hour weekdays

Why not become an affiliate and carry Colin Kelly’s Digital Minute on your station? It could make an excellent sponsored feature. We offer Colin Kelly’s Digital Minute by 7am every Monday-Friday 52 weeks of the year. The free, produced version is always available and for just £25 a month we can provide a dry version for you to add your own credits and run the feature as a sponsored item, generating revenue. You only pay us when your station is making money itself.

Create a new, high impact, revenue generating appointment to listen on your radio station now. Get in touch and become a Colin Kelly’s Digital Minute affiliate. Colin will provide branding and custom promos to run on your station.