Recommended Reads: Books For New Starts And Small Business Owners

There’s a wealth of information, advice and inspiration for small business owners on the bookshelves. Reading it a very affordable and efficient way to learn from some extremely bright and successful people, many of whom have already dealt with the same issues and problems you’re experiencing. Here are a few which have helped me the most over the years.

Tim Ferris ‘The 4 Hour Work Week”
A clever title and while it’s unlikely you’ll follow all his advice and actually only work 4 hours a week, I still think you’ll find loads of useful time management and general business tips, from how to prioritise your customers, to outsourcing and tools and software to help things run more efficiently.

You can’t go wrong with Seth Godin. All of his books are packed with dynamite advice to help you thrive in the new economy. This one is about making yourself and your business stand out for the right reasons. It was originally sold in a purple milk carton.

Richard Branson is one of the world’s most interesting and successful business leaders. But his life is a complex one and there’s more to him than the carefully crafted Virgin PR story makes out. Here are a few books – his autobiography, a condensed ‘quick read’ to motivate you and an unofficial biography by Tom Bower. All are worth a read.

Now, here’s one that was released recently, telling the inside story on the collapse of a once much loved British business. We often learn as much from things that go wrong as we do from success stories.

And while we’re on the subject of things go wrong, this is a great read giving the inside track on 100 famous ‘brand failures’. (Includes the legendary tale of ‘New Formula Coke’.)

That’s all for now but check back for more recommended reads soon.


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