July 31, 2021

Out Now: Embrace The Space book

Embrace The Space Book

From woeful WiFi to hashtag fails; social media trainers bare all In new book

2 of Scotland’s best known social media trainers are sharing the secrets of their 10 year career advising businesses all over the UK on their social media strategy. 

Gary Ennis from NSDesign and Colin Kelly from Comsteria have co-written ‘Embrace The Space’, which promises to deliver ‘inspirational insight to businesses that give a damn’.

The book contains essential information and advice on everything from Facebook and Twitter to TikTok and Linkedin, as well as never before told stories from their life on the road as social media trainers for hire.

Sections on ‘Social Media And The Law’ aim to help readers avoid the pitfalls that so often accompany networks such as Facebook and Twitter and  there’s also a chapter with advice on how to beat Facebook’s algorithm and get more people seeing your posts without having to pay to run an advert.

Colin says, ‘Part of what makes our social media training so successful is the fact we don’t shy away from the negative side and everything that can go wrong. Cyber-crime and trolling are huge issues and in this book we share with readers simple steps to take to use these networks safely.’

‘We’ve kept the tone light hearted’, says Gary, ‘Because part of what makes our workshops so popular is the banter between Colin and me, so we’ve made sure that comes across in the book. But underneath it all, is a lot of solid, business advice that’s been developed over the years. This isn’t a techy, geeky book and it’s not your typical business book with case study after case study. It’s for businesses that give a damn, whatever stage their at with social media and digital’.

‘Embrace The Space’ by Gary Ennis and Colin Kelly is available in paperback from Amazon at £19.99 and and includes lavish, light-hearted illustrations from Edinburgh based designer Keith Atherton.

Listen to Colin reading an excerpt from the book in the latest Comsteria podcast:

Reviews for ‘Embrace The Space’

“This is a gem of a book!”
– Grant Stott, TV and Radio Presenter

“What an enjoyable, easy read that will not only motivate you to embrace using social media platforms but also gives you much needed advice and support on what you should be doing with your accounts.” – Kieron Achara, GB Olympian and Mental Health Ambassador

“A belter of a book that under promises and over delivers.  Fun, engaging and thought-provoking content to help your business. We have witnessed our members grow their customer base applying Gary & Colin’s digital teachings over the last decade – now you can too.  A must read. “
– Bob Grant, Chief Executive, Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce

“Funny, honest and full of genuinely great advice.”
– Laurie Findlay, Director of Training Matters Ltd

“This book is presented in an entertaining and witty manner which engages the reader yet still manages to give clear focus on all aspects of social media. Its content is never more needed than just now, during this coronavirus pandemic, when all businesses small or large, are having to improve their digital skills.”
Laura McAlpine, Director and Principal Optometrist, Opticare Opticians