July 31, 2021

In Court With Apple

Epic v Apple live

Apple are in court in an action brought by Fortnite game creator Epic Games.

Proceedings in Epic Games, Inc. v Apple Inc. began on Monday and are likely to continue through the next couple of weeks. There’s intense interest in this case as the hearing is likely to give us unprecedented insight into how one of the world’s biggest and most powerful companies operates.

You can follow everything live, as it happens. The court in California has created a dedicated webpage for the proceedings and there’s even a teleconference line you can dial into and hear everything, just as if you were attending court in person.

Please be sure to follow the rules. You must not record, broadcast or stream any portion of the proceedings and must not abuse the teleconference line. It is intended for your own personal use only. You can access the webpage here: https://cand.uscourts.gov/cases-e-filing/cases-of-interest/epic-games-inc-v-apple-inc/