How To Send A Large File

Anything bigger than 2MB can cause problems if you try to send it via email.

Some spam filters are set to reject large files, and some email providers won’t allow attachments above a certain size.

Dropbox and Google Drive are useful if you want to collaborate with one or more recipients, eg you truly wish to ‘share’ the material. As well as sharing access to folders and files, you can also ‘copy link’ and send that link to anyone you like. They’ll then be able to access the material. You have some control over privacy and settings – to avoid the material falling into the wrong hands you can require your recipient to sign in with an email address and password.

Our preferred method (where we simply want to ‘send’ the material to the recipient and are not concerned about ‘shared access’ and collaboration), is WeTransfer.

It’s extremely quick and easy and free for files up to 2GB in size. You can send several all at once so long as it doesn’t exceed that 2GB limit. If you need more space you can become a paid WeTransfer user.

We find WeTransfer works beautifully and it doesn’t require any sign in or additional downloads from the recipient. They receive an email with a link in it, click the link and download the file you’ve sent. It’s never failed us.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing stopping the recipient giving that link to someone else, so if security is an issue you might consider another option. But for us, where we’ve completed a creative project and want to make it available to the end client, it’s ideal. The free, basic WeTransfer keeps the link active for 7 days. If your recipient doesn’t download the material within that timeframe it will no longer be active and you’d have to upload the material and share the link again.


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