How Data Can Help Your Small Business

You might think your new start or small businesses doesn’t create data. You’d be wrong.

Every website visit, every social media ‘Follow’, every potential customer, every phone call – all of this can be tracked, measured and evaluated. Do it right and you’ll spend time focussing on the most important aspects of your business and make intelligence decisions based on the results.

When we talk about data, it’s tempting to restrict our thinking to the online data. And that’s what the video below looks at. But once you put Google Analytics in place and start properly measuring your social media performance, you should go further. Who is your most lucrative customer? What’s your best selling product? Is your turnover up on this period last year? How long does the average customer take to pay? What day of the week is your most successful?

Many cloud-based apps from accountancy software to customer relationship management tools make it easy to access data. But it’s no use if you don’t understand the importance of it and aren’t prepared to think about how it could help you. Data is being gathered all the time. It’s what you do with it that counts.

Watch this quick video for some more and explore the site for further training on making the most of your small business data.


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