Does Your Business Need A Website?

With social media so dominant, does a small, new start business still need a website?

Yes! Here’s why.

In addition to everything I mentioned in the video, remember a website may be capable of more advanced features than social media channels. Retailers can create a bespoke shopping experience on their own websites, where on social media this is seriously restricted. Then there’s all the data you can gather from your own site. You won’t see much beyond the bare numbers from social media channels.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are businesses. And as you’d expect their primary concern is their own business growth and their own objectives. You should be prioritising your own business needs. If you start today and have a business designing birthday cakes, then of course, Instagram and Facebook will let you quickly get the word out and the orders coming in.

But as you scale the business up, you may hit the point one day where you want customers to be able to custom design the cakes they want – it isn’t really possible to do that via social media just now. And if you wait until you hit that point before you build the website then it’s going to take time and then more time for that site to rank on Google and get the visits and attention you hope it will.

By all means, prioritise social media just now. But develop a website in the background, build a presence and it’ll be there for you when you need it.


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