Digital Minute Podcast Transcript January 21 2022

On the digital minute today I thought I’d recommend some books to help you make sense of your digital life.

And my first recommendation is a new one that’s been a huge hit already in Holland – it’s called GRIP – the art of working smart and it’s by Dutch entrepreneur Rick Pastoor who originally self published the book and it sold so well it’s now been picked up by Harper Collins for the UK launch.

 If computer literacy is your priority then the ‘For Dummies’ series is a favourite – with titles such as PCs for Dummies, MacBook for Dummies and titles for all the main social media platforms also in the range.

There’s a fascinating book aimed at children starting their own YouTube channel, it’s called How To Start A YouTube Channel – the easy way, it’s by Charlie and Friends and Ann Eckhart’s ‘How To Start a YouTube channel for fun and profit’ also gets some great reviews.

Most of these titles are available in paperback and as ebooks, I’d also recommend the social media book ‘Embrace The Space’ which I wrote with my friend Gary Ennis.

You’ll also find a range of ‘how to’ guides in the magazines section of major newsagents.

And don’t forget podcasts and the wealth of material available in your local library.

And if you’re concerned about what all this reliance on technology means for the human race in the future, then ’12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You’ by Tony Reinke is packed with insight, some of it quite frightening.

I hope you find something in there you enjoy and you can let me know your favourite books about digital, computers and social media by emailing me.