Digital Minute Podcast Transcript 25 Jan 2022

Have you ever stopped and thought about the words you use when you’re writing an email or sending messages through social media?

Research suggests the language we use when we discuss contentious issues – like politics – is changing and becoming less rooted in facts and has an increased emphasis on emotionally charged language.

The research suggests this shift began around 2007 which is around the same time that Facebook and Twitter were gathering momentum.

The National Academy of Sciences of the USA says many of us now have ‘fact free’ arguments.

Francis Bourgeois is a name you’re likely to hear more about in the coming months.

He’s a transporter who’s grown a huge following sharing his passion for trains on TikTok.

He’s now been signed up by fashion brands Gucci and North Face to show off their new jackets and jumpers.

‘Call Of Duty’ games fans who own Playstations can breathe a sigh of relief. 

There had been fears the games new owners Microsoft might cut ties with rival Sony to keep Call of Duty make it exclusive to XBox, but the company says it’s going to honour all its existing agreements.