Digital Minute Podcast Transcript 17 Jan 2022

Facebook parent company Meta has published a new, 32 page privacy guide to its complete product range, including Facebook itself, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The guide is aimed at journalists but it’s a good resource for all users, covering privacy and security as well as how to handle comments, group chats and how to delete messages.

If you’re a business user, someone who gets lots of messages or just wants to make sure you’re using everything correctly – you’ll find the guide at

We know that Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on what it calls ‘the metaverse’ that’s the virtual world that some experts thing is soon to play a bigger part in our lives.

Well now US supermarket giant Walmart – which previously owned ASDA is making preparations for a virtual version of itself with its own cryptocurrency and virtual goods.

Iphoners users listen up – the website has published a really useful guide to fixing your own iPhone.

From connection and charging issues to broken screens and hassles with apps – it’s all there and worth a read. It also includes links to useful forums – remember the ‘right to repair’ ruling means new tech will be user serviceable in future so it’s worth getting a handle on this stuff as it could mean gadgets you own last a lot longer.

And there’s definitely money in Youtube – the 10 highest paid creators shared more than 300 million dollars last year – for the first time Jimmy Donaldson, who goes by the name Mr Beast tops the earning list, ahead of toy reviewer Ryan Kaji.