Digital Minute 5 Jan Podcast Transcript

The biggest names in technology are in Las Vegas as the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show starts today.

It’s a different feel compared with previous years as some people choose to stay away because of the OVID 19 pandemic and the event has to comply with social distancing and testing rules and the event will be one day shorter than originally planned, wrapping up on Friday.

But it’s still a big event with much of it available digitally, either on demand or via live stream. Stay in touch with what’s going on at the official website

Among the highlights today are sessions on 5G, the connected car, learning in the virtual world and the state of the smart home.

There’s a session on how technology is changing sport, BMW and Volvo are among the big names delivering keynote sessions.

Computer manufacturer ASUS has recalled one of its high end gaming products after some reports they were melting and producing smoke.

The Z690 Hero motherboard is affected – it’s used in powerful gaming laptops.

And the final curtain has come down on the device that arguably started it all – the Blackberry mobile phone.

Hugely popular around the late 2000s and early 2010s, the company couldn’t compete with the rise of the iPhone and manufacturers such as Samsung and Google’s devices.

All but a handful of the Blackberry devices are now obsolete as support for the Blackberry operating system has been turned off.