Digital Minute 4 Jan 2022 Podcast Transcript

Imagine a phone with a week long battery life.

It could be here sooner than you think thanks to a new semi conductor designed by IBM and Samsung.

The breakthrough sees transistors standing perpendicular to the surface of the chip which means more transistors per chip, increased current flow and less energy wasted. 

Manufacturers are talking about 50 billion transistors in a space the size of a fingernail and the impact of that, for us, could be life changing.

Chromebook maker Acer is first out the blocks with new tech at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show with a range of 3 new devices including the Spiun 513 which features a slightly bigger screen, a better processor but reduced battery life – down from 13 and a half hours for its predecessor to 10.

The countdown is on to Superbowl 56 with the biggest names in American football fighting it out for play off spots in the next few weeks.

The main event is on Sunday 13th February – takes you to the official NFL website with the latest news, standings and how the play off picture is shaping up. 

And I love it when technology gets us off our phones, into the real world, doing things that seemed impossible not that long cycling on water.

Have a look at the Manta 5 Hydrofoiler XE.

Type that into YouTube  and you’ll see what I mean.