Digital Minute 31 December Podcast Transcript

Stay organised going into the new year with a digital note taking app.

Google Keep, Evernote, Microsoft One Note and SimpleNote are all popular options.

If collaborating on notes with other people is important – ‘Notion’ gets some good reviews.

The Christmas Number 1 doesn’t have as much credibility these days in the music world as it did when I was growing up, but what do you think was the Number 1 most downloaded app on Christmas Day?

World-wide, TikTok was the most downloaded app – ahead of Instagram and then Facebook and Whats App.

Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle was the most downloaded game.

A disturbing story emerged over the Christmas break where an Amazon smart speaker had encouraged a 10 year old user to attempt a dangerous challenge involving a half inserted plug – Amazon released a statement saying it’s updated the Alexa software to make sure there’s no repeat of the incident.

The incident reminds us that we can’t rely on smart speakers to get things right all time and certainly can’t assume they’ll keep us or our children safe – all they really do is pull information from the internet and deliver it to us – and we know how unreliable and sometimes dangerous information on the internet can be.