Digital Minute 3 Jan 2022 Podcast Transcript

Happy New Year!

The early days of 2022 mean something of a ‘digital detox’ for many of us.

One tactic I’ve found to reduce screen time is to take all the social media apps off my phone and only use them on a laptop or desktop. It means you can continue using the channels if you rely on them for work or your social life but you won’t be tempted to take a quick look while you’re going about your day.

If you’ve made a new year resolution to reduce social media or give it up entirely, let me know any good strategies you’ve found email me.

Small business owners might enjoy Twitter’s 2022 Planner – it’s a free guide you can download from 

It’ll help you organise what you want to say and establish a strong identify on the platform.

Linkedin is sharing some big ideas it thinks will change the world in 2022. Find them at #BigIdeas2022 – among them – that the world’s super wealthy will declare themselves independent of their country of citizenship and that tech giants like Facebook and Amazon will start to have as much influence over our lives as governments.

Finally – whether it’s the ball drop in Time’s Square New York or the London fireworks, you can still catch up on the moment the new year began around the world – all the major celebrations are in high quality on YouTube.