Digital Minute 29 December 2021 – podcast transcript

We’re rounding off 2021 by looking ahead at some of the digital trends I expect we’ll see more of in 2022.

The environment and the economy and likely to be key themes and I expect technology will play a part in helping us keep on top of things.

Expect to hear more about the AutoSwitch App from Warmup which helps users find the best energy deals in their area.

There’s also the Uswitch app which compares energy, broadband, mobile and credit card deals.

And which was featured on the BBC’s Dragons Den.

These apps aren’t doing much right now because of the volatility in the energy market but if things settle down during the year I’d expect them to become more popular. 

On the subject of finances – this is a good time to pay attention to any subscriptions you might have set up – like online magazines , apps or websites – if you don’t need them – cancel them. And remember some free trials will automatically roll over and become paid for subscriptions if you don’t take action.

If you’ve got kids at home that got games or gadgets for Christmas, look out for in-app purchases which are common now in many modern games – it might be worth setting a limit on how much they can spend without your permission, or disabling the in app purchases altogether.