Digital Minute 26 Jan 2022 Podcast Transcript

It seems every day there’s a new development in the world of podcasting and James Cridland’s is a free email newsletter you can sign up to which will keep you on top of all the latest podcast related news.

One recent development is ‘snoozecast’ an entire podcast channels of soothing sleep stories to help you nod off. New episodes come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it’s all free and you’ll find it at

Apple’s Memoji’s are animated emojis that look like you – well, now something similar is coming to TikTok. The platform is testing an avatar feature which would allow you to create videos without having to actually film yourself.

There’s a huge trend on Instagram reels at the moment which features video clips of a parent, with their child and a sound which the parent instantly identifies and the child has no idea what it is.

You’ll find them using hashtag ‘generationgap’….and here’s one of the sounds that’s got one generation fondly reminiscing, and another completely confused….

(Spectrum Audio)

Finally, technology is helping make meetings shorter at work. carries an article suggesting bots are being used to co-ordinate diaries, advance video clips reduce the need for introductions and mean the time spent together can be cut to as little as 15 minutes.

I give you today’s essential digital news in just 1 minute and I’m back with more tomorrow.