Digital Minute 22 December 2021 – Podcast Transcript

There’s uproar on social media after Tony’s chocolates decided to produce an advent calendar with a missing piece of chocolate in order to highlight inequality.

Parents took to social media in their droves to complain and the company has now apologised for what it accepts was a misguided attempt to start a discussion – misguided it may have been but it certainly got them attention.

YouTube users looking to manage their channel from a mobile phone should find things easier now more features have been added to the YouTube Studio app, it means you won’t have to log in through a desktop to manage comments and access analytics.

Twitter is now adding auto captions to all videos uploaded to the platform – the bad news is you won’t be able to edit them  – so speak clearly or you might look foolish. That leaves Linkedin now rather isolated as it still doesn’t offer this feature.

Here’s a useful tip if you often lose your cursor when working on a PC running Windows 11, maybe with a large screen or multiple screens – double press the Control key and it’ll launch the Find My Mouse feature which instantly spotlights your cursor. You’ll need to install the PowerToys extension to enable it.

Mac Users might enjoy an app called Pro Mouse which is great for tutorials and training as it puts a coloured highlight round your cursor so people can easily see exactly what you’re clicking.