Digital Minute 18 Jan 2022 Podcast Transcript

Visa credit card holders will still be able to use their cards to buy goods on Amazon after the 2 sides agreed to hold more talks to try to sort out their issues.

The e commerce giant had planned to stop accepting Visa credit cards from tomorrow, in a row about the fees VISA was charging.

Now Amazon says it’s working with the card company on a potential solution.

The row was hurting both sides with Amazon successfully encouraging some users to move away from VISA but if it had gone ahead and stopped accepting payments, Amazon would have lost out too.

There’s no date or deadline for the next round of talks but for now it’s business as usual and I’d expect a compromise to be hammered out and both sides to want to forget things ever got to this stage. 

There’s a nice article on which shares its ‘favourite tools to stay organised’ – the list includes a free Chrome plug in called ToDoIst and a reminder app called TickTick, personally an A5 notebook and the Google Keep app is all I need but I’m not the best example when it comes to organization.

And a quick tip if you’re keen to make 2022 the year you get started with live streaming. You can of course use your phone but if you want to stream from a camera – choose one with clean HDMI out.

We’ll do some more on live streaming tomorrow and until then you’ll find me at