Digital Minute 10 Jan Podcast Transcript

There’s lot of choice if you need a cheap, simple website and don’t want to write any code yourself.

WordPress, Wix and Weekly are all popular and widely used. Google has a basic platform called Google Sites, domains and hosting provider GoDaddy has its own system and for more complex e-commerce sites you could try Shopify and Squarespace.

And now companies that made their name providing other services are trying to get in on the web design space.

First was Mailchimp and now there’s which has been a popular graphic design platform for the last few years with some users claiming they can create a site in less than an hour.

Linkedin is developing an audio only space, similar to the Clubhouse app and Twitter spaces.

One trend I think we’ll see through 2022 is a blending of podcasts and social media with a generation of podcast stars coming out of the social media audio space.

That in turn will impact live events and business conferences – when in person events do come back after the pandemic, they’re likely to look very different from how they were before.

Finally, Samsung has caused quite a stir with a new curved 55 inch 4K monitor it showed off at the Consumer Eletronics Show – it’s called Odyssey Ark and it’s well worth a look.