Family FirstThere’s no pot of gold, you won’t win the lottery and there’s an overwhelming likelihood you’re not going to become a millionaire. But there’s a strong chance, if you’re smart and work hard (in that order) that you could carve out a good living and an enjoyable life. That’s […]

Anything bigger than 2MB can cause problems if you try to send it via email. Some spam filters are set to reject large files, and some email providers won’t allow attachments above a certain size. Dropbox and Google Drive are useful if you want to collaborate with one or more […]

Here we continue our ‘Presenting With Confidence’ video on demand training. If you haven’t seen Part 1 yet, it’s here. This section includes advice on how to plan a presentation, techniques to deliver a powerful introduction and some essential advice on coping with technology causing problems, dealing with hecklers and […]


Whether you are pitching to clients, delivering a speech at an event or conference or running training for your own team, being able to present your ideas and information with confidence is an important business skill. We run full and half day courses for groups or individuals to help build […]

Trying to get results for your business from social media? This will help. A basic level introduction for beginners, this session offers an overview of all the key platforms: how they work, what they’re capable of and who they are for. We cover Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. YouTube, Pinterest and […]