You might think your new start or small businesses doesn’t create data. You’d be wrong. Every website visit, every social media ‘Follow’, every potential customer, every phone call – all of this can be tracked, measured and evaluated. Do it right and you’ll spend time focussing on the most important […]

Mapes Of MillportServing the Isle of Cumbrae since 1946 with cycle hire, toys and games. Although the original Mapes family moved on a few years ago, this is still an independent, family business with a proud reputation. Part of their business relies on seasonal tourism, while the other part is […]

I’m not suggesting you rush out and put full-time members of staff on your payroll. That’s a whole other level and we’ll get to that some other time. But to achieve a decent chance of success you have to realise you can’t do absolutely everything yourself. There just aren’t enough […]

Family FirstThere’s no pot of gold, you won’t win the lottery and there’s an overwhelming likelihood you’re not going to become a millionaire. But there’s a strong chance, if you’re smart and work hard (in that order) that you could carve out a good living and an enjoyable life. That’s […]

Anything bigger than 2MB can cause problems if you try to send it via email. Some spam filters are set to reject large files, and some email providers won’t allow attachments above a certain size. Dropbox and Google Drive are useful if you want to collaborate with one or more […]

With social media so dominant, does a small, new start business still need a website? Yes! Here’s why. In addition to everything I mentioned in the video, remember a website may be capable of more advanced features than social media channels. Retailers can create a bespoke shopping experience on their […]