7 January Digital Minute Podcast Transcript

Imagine a car with entertainment right at the heart of it.

That’s the vision from SONY as the electronics giant launches an entire division of the company dedicated to developing electric cars.

A concept vehicle was launched 2 years ago but it’s had such a good response a revamped prototype has now been developed. SONY has hugely successful divisions in gaming, music and film – bringing all that to a car could be very interesting.

5G connectivity is another opportunity – the Vision S prototype includes 40 sensors inside and outside to monitor safety.

The company’s president used the launch at the Consumer Electronics Show to highlight their aim to make ‘mobility an entertainment space’.

Watch out for price rises this new year, particularly among tv and broadband providers. 

Virgin Media and Virgin Mobile customers on many price plans will be affected, with the increase coming into effect from April.

But you can avoid them by using your right to cancel by the 28th of February.

Read the small print and pay attention to emails, letters or texts telling you about their plans.

Watch maker Fossil has announced Amazon Alexa will soon be added to its range of smart watches.

Simple word game Wordle has become a huge hit – find it at power language.co.uk/wordle