3 People Your New Business Should Hire

I’m not suggesting you rush out and put full-time members of staff on your payroll. That’s a whole other level and we’ll get to that some other time.

But to achieve a decent chance of success you have to realise you can’t do absolutely everything yourself. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, you need to focus your attention on where it has the biggest impact and you can’t possibly be good at EVERYTHING. So, outsourcing, or using freelancers is something you should seriously consider. Here are a few tips for the first 3 people I think your new business should hire.

  • Accountant
    This should be someone honest, perhaps with some experience working with businesses like yours. Particularly if you are running a limited company and/or are VAT registered, there’s a lot of paperwork that needs tone filed on time in the correct way. Screw that up and it’ll cost you. A good accountant can actually pay for themselves. They’ll help ensure you claim all the tax relief and expenses you’re entitled to and save you a tonne of time and hassle.
  • Virtual PA
    Whether it’s managing your diary, answering and forwarding calls, raising invoices, packaging and sending goods or any other admin related task, using one of these professionals can be of huge benefit to small, ambitious businesses. Like it or not, you’ll be judged on your customer service. If you don’t answer the phone or get back to people because you’re too busy working, you’ll find it difficult to keep a steady stream of work coming in. And do you really want to sit down after a hard day’s work, get the computer out again just so you can send out invoices to get paid for work you’re already done? That could be time spent with your family, pursuing a hobby or looking after yourself and getting fit. There are loads of options for Virtual PAs, many offer no commitment, relatively low cost monthly payments, others provide a ‘Pay As You Go’ service based around specific tasks or a set amount of hours (or calls, or invoices etc) each month.
  • Web Designer
    I regularly meet business owners who end up getting held back and stuck in bottlenecks because they can’t make the necessary changes to their website. If I had a pound for every time I’d heard a business owner say ‘I’ll do that AFTER I get the website fixed’, I’d be extremely well off! You need to get yourself into a situation where changes and developments to your website can get made quickly and without costing you significant sums of money. You need a trusted, good value web designer you can call up or email and receive a response from that same day. They should understand what you’re trying to achieve with your business and be able to deliver regular upgrades, changes and redesigns. Things like – adding Google Analytics, changing the menu headers and page titles, adding a blog section, implementing an online booking form, adding and changing the social media icons, setting up SSL security – all that stuff should be fairly routine, done quickly and without huge cost implications. Find a web designer you can work with on an on-going basis and if this is an area where your own skills are lacking, see if they’ll spend some time training you up. Alternatively, look around this site at some of our website resources.


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