23 December Digital Minute – Podcast Transcript

Christmas should be better than last year for many of us but it’s still not quite what we’d all wish for.

Digital can play a part in bringing people together.

If you’re planning a video call with relatives it might be worth doing a practice first – Zoom is one of the easiest systems to use as there’s nothing to download and offers a decent free version.

If you’ve never used it – get set up at www.zoom.us or download the app. You’ll then be able to invite people to join a video call and all they’ll need to do is click the link.

Another option is Google Meet – if you are a Google Mail user you’ll see the ‘Meet’ option in the left sidebar on a desktop or laptop. Click ‘new meeting’ and you’ll be able too send an invite to anyone you want to join you.

If you’re joining a call it’s best to wear headphones to avoid the audio howling round and practice looking at the camera, that’s usually a small round dot at the top of your phone, rather than the screen itself.

It’s easier if you’ve got a stand for your phone, that way you can sit back instead of having to hold it so close all the time.

If it all gets too much – remember a good old fashioned voice call can also be just as good – you don’t have to use the technology.

Finally – NASA is launching a new space telescope on Christmas Day and you can watch online.

The James Webb Space telescope is the successor to the Hubble and should launch around lunchtime UK time on Christmas Day. You can watch a live stream on YouTube or the NASA website.