20 January 2022 Digital Minute Podcast Transcript

If 2020 was the year of Zoom and 2021 belonged to TikTok, I wonder if 2022 might be the year of the online puzzle boom?

Fiendishly simple but popular game Wordle got off to a flying start but there are rivals popping up all over the place.

Brain Gains is an app, launched by media giant News Corp – it’s already having a big impact in Australia and is likely to spread quickly.

It seems audiences are becoming aware of the pitfalls of endless scrolling on social media and even running out of things to watch on Netflix.

Word, number, pop culture, science and trivial puzzles are all soaring up the various app charts.

Do you have a favourite? Let me know via email.

Even if you don’t use TikTok you might find trends.tiktok.com a really valuable resource.

It shows you, almost in real time, what topics are being talked about on its platform.

There are charts for hashtags, popular TikTok videos but also trending songs which can give you an early insight into the next track that’s about to break through and become hugely popular. 

And of course you can get results for specific regions.

Finally more on Microsoft’s blockbuster deal to take over games studio Activision Blizzard – the size of the deal means a complex approval process has to take place and that won’t be complete until sometime next year so it’ll be a while before we see the full impact of this.