17 December 2021 Digital Minute – podcast transcript

I’ve seen loads of malicious emails this week and a few text messages as well claiming to be from the Royal Mail or Post Office saying they tried to deliver a parcel which I need to rearrange.

This is a very common scam and you should be very careful around this type of message. If in doubt, type the company’s name into Google and contact them yourself, through their published contact details – that’s far safer than clicking on links when you’re not sure where they’re going.

Most online stores will provide tracking information when you make your purchase and the item ships and they’ll send confirmation emails which use your name. 

If you’re planning some home improvements over the festive break – remember USB sockets cost quite a bit more than standard sockets but do make it easier to charge up the various bits of tech you might have in your family – without using up all your plug points.

Accessibility is something everyone who publishes online should be aware of – now US media giant Sirius XM is being sued for failing to provide transcripts of podcasts for deaf users.

The National Association for the deaf  is leading the action and says the American with disabilities act requires companies providing services to the general public to make them accessible to people with disabilities.

If you publish a podcast yourself and want to make it accessible you can auto generate captions or transcribe them manually and add them to the webpage that carries your podcast. Doing so will instantly make it easier for Google to index your content and you’ll likely get more visitors on your website.

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