14 January Digital Minute

Annoyingly catchy song Baby Shark has become the first YouTube video to achieve more than 10 billion views. 

Apple has been clamping down on clones of the popular word puzzle game Wordle.

Despite its popularity it doesn’t currently have an official app and can only be played via the website – some people had tried to cash in by creating copycat versions but Apple has removed them from its app store.

If you’re interested in celebrities and the law then www.thesmokinggun.com is a fascinating website with everything from mugshots to movie star contract details and riders for rock stars.

And a warning from actionfraud.police.uk about the rising risk of romance fraud.

It’s a big area for scammers and criminals these days – more than 92 million pounds has been lost through dating scams in the last 12 months – a favourite is people on dating apps winning someone’s trust, then claiming to be seriously ill or asking for money to help with travel costs, or sharing details of a supposedly lucrative investment opportunity.

As our digital lives become more sophisticated, so do the criminals and the tactics they use. 

We’re being encouraged to share the warnings with friends and family who may be active on dating sites.