13 January Digital Minute Podcast Transcript

It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next in the world of Westminster politics but there’s a debate due to take place today that could have a big impact on social media in the future.

MPs will debate a report published by the committee set up to consider the planned Online Safety Bill which would put new legal duties on social media and other content providers to do more to tackle harmful content.

Everything from fake news to hate speech, trolling and content encouraging self harm or abuse is likely to come under scrutiny, as well as scams and fraud.

There’s growing concern at the need for some sort of regulation of the internet but there’s a fine line between ensuring people remain free to express themselves and anything that could be deemed censorship.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on things and there won’t be any vote or final decisions taken today.

The horror movie franchise ‘Scream’ is going in on social media ahead of the release of the new movie in the series.

There’s a Twitter animation that appears when users engage with the #screammovie and a range of augmented reality filters on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

And a Tweet from Reese Witherspoon is causing quite a stir – normally to be found giving advice on recommended books and wellbeing, the actress and producer said: ‘In the near future, every person will have a parallel digital identity. Avatars, crypto wallets and digital goods will be the norm. Are you planning for this?

One to screenshot and keep to see if she’s right..which I think she probably is and you know the Digital Minute will keep you informed as we continue this journey.