12 January Digital Minute Podcast Transcript

Pokemon Go is back in the news after it emerged 2 police officers in Los Angeles lost their jobs after ignoring a robbery to play Pokemon Go instead.

The incident came to light after their officers lost an appeal against their dissmissal – in car recording equipment captured them discussing the game for around 20 minutes, ignoring reports of a robbery.

Despite the occasional horror story of people’s obsession for the game getting in the way of their real life responsibilities, Pokemon Go remains hugely popular, 5 and a half years after it launched.

We told you about the simple yet addictive word game Wordle recently – it continues to win new fans, many of whom screenshot their attempted solutions to the puzzle and share it through social media. 

Find it at power language.co.uk/wordle

Another fun online game is typingtest.com which tests how quickly you can type.

And geography fans will love geoguessr.com which drops players somewhere in the world in a street view panorama, leaving them to find clues to guess where they are.

Finally – rumours are gathering that Apple plans to release a virtual reality device this year – it could be smart glasses or a virtual reality headset – there’s a growing feeling the tech giant is getting close to releasing another game changing new product line – much like it did with the original iPad back in 2010.